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Calhoun lab program gaining national attention

(Source: Raycom) (Source: Raycom)

100 percent of the graduates in the Clinical Laboratory Technician program passed their national board. It's the third year in a row everyone passed. That 100 percent is significantly higher than the national average.

The Clinical Laboratory Technician Program is a relatively new Allied Health Program at Calhoun.  

CLT Program Director Risa Grimme says students here are primarily taught to test major body fluids like blood and urine. She says these students are ready for work when they graduate. 

"Besides the clinical laboratories in hospitals, they could work in clinics for physicians, or even in industries like research," said Grimme.

You can always tell a little something about a program when you look at former students. And you can gauge them from a classroom to the workplace.

Former student Charlene Clark is now a Medical Center Lab Tech at Crestwood. She says she learned a lot here.  

"Everything we've learned in this program has helped us," said Clark. "There's a lot of times when the instrumentations could go down and we have to do things manually, and the basics that we've learned here are everything that we need for when instrumentation does go down. Learning the basics will help you with any instrumentation problems and any testing, actually."

Current student Tiffany Boykin from Rogersville is a microbiology fan. She says she hopes to help a lot of people by working in a large hospital.  

"I really like Micro... it's like playing detective," Boykin said.

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