Bring on the cooler temps!

Bring on the cooler temps!

(WAFF) - Good morning! This is Trent Butler hoping you're having a good start to your Thursday. Yes, I know many of you are ready for some cooler weather after dealing with temps in the high 90's and those "feels like" temps in the 100's. Meteorologist David Ernst will let us know when we might see some relief.

Also this morning, we'll have the latest on a deadly accident involving a forklift at a plant in Athens.

Many of you have been speaking out ever since the Confederate flags have been removed from a Confederate monument outside the Capitol. We'll show you reaction from both sides of the issue.

Plus, the Supreme Court may release rulings in two major cases today involving same sex marriage and ObamaCare.

On a lighter note, you'll hear a man who sounds just like Whitney Houston. I know, Whitney Houston? You have to hear him to believe it. It's a busy morning and we hope to have you along for WAFF 48 News Today.