See, Click, Fix: Cleaning up ditches in Huntsville

See, Click, Fix: Cleaning up ditches in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - This is a ditch between yards on Deramus Avenue in Huntsville. A homeowner posted this picture on See, Click, Fix. She wanted the City of Huntsville to clean it out for several reasons.

As you can see, branches and weeds have taken over. There's even some trash in there.

Her concern is that there have been a lot of break-ins in the neighborhood recently, and she thinks thieves may be using the ditch to hide what they're doing.

Huntsville Public Works said they'd get to it, and they did. We checked it out, and the ditch is now clear, looking north from Deramus Avenue.

That homeowner was also hoping to get some street lights installed there. No word yet from the city on that.

If you have an alley or ditch that needs cleaning, whether you're in Huntsville or another city or county, make sure you call and let the department in charge know about it. You can also post it on See, Click, Fix.

Now, back to the roads. We still see a lot of posts about the need to fill potholes and cracks, maybe a call for some resurfacing.

We found a street that definitely needs some help. It's Bailes Street, just east of Triana Boulevard and north of Governors Drive.

There's a lot of loose gravel and rocky dips and bumps.

There are only a few businesses down the street, but again, it's so rough that Public Works crews are going to patch where they can for now.

Bailes is on the resurfacing list. We'll show you when it gets repaved.

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