Second Redstone Federal Credit employee caught stealing

Second Redstone Federal Credit employee caught stealing

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - An employee at Redstone Federal Credit Union is now without a job after embezzling money.

The assistant Vice President for Security and Investigations at Redstone Federal Credit Union, Jonathan Kirby, confirms that an employee was fired after co-workers discovered the employee was embezzling money.

Kirby says that no member accounts were affected and the employee did not work in an area that processed member transactions or requests. He also said that the money being embezzled has no direct impact on the people who use the bank.

Kirby says the theft was detected by the internal audit staff at the credit union. Once the theft was brought to their attention, he says immediate actions were taken to involve law enforcement. The credit union is continuing to work with the Madison County Sheriff's Department to complete the investigation process.

“Our process works, we detected the activity and we took immediate action after the activity was detected,” Kirby said.
Kirby also said all employees undergo a background check.

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