See, Click Fix: Stopping issues on Martin Road

See, Click Fix: Stopping issues on Martin Road

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - This week, Martin Road is the big focus, east and west of Redstone Arsenal.

We start on the east side, where several drivers have complained about people driving west on Martin towards the Arsenal and then making an illegal turn to get onto the ramp to go northbound on Memorial Parkway.

There isn't a northbound entrance, and that's why some drivers try this.

The problem is drivers behind them have to slow down and might have to slam on their brakes, not knowing someone's going to stop.

On our See, Click, Fix site, the people who posted said it's really bad in the morning.

But we found several at evening rush. You can even hear someone honking at the driver making that illegal turn.

Huntsville Police got the message. They plan to send patrol cars out to monitor. In the meantime, keep us updated with what you see there.

At the other end of the Arsenal, one driver posted that the traffic light at Martin and Zierdt is off in the evening rush, from about 4:45 to 5:30, and that's causing quite a backup. 

Huntsville traffic engineers say they'll check out the equipment there to see what's caused that change.

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