Two missing hikers found in New Market overnight.

Two missing hikers found in New Market overnight.

(WAFF) - This weekend was a dangerous one for people doing outdoor activities.

Overnight, search crews located two missing hikers in New Market near the Flint River. We're still working to get the identity of a man who died after falling off a cliff at Buck's Pocket State Park. Apparently, the 35 year old man fell while hiking with four other people. Also, a Huntsville woman told police she was attacked while hiking. The victim told officers the man approached her on the walking trail at Mountain Gap Road, assaulted her and then ran. We'll break down the latest behind these investigations at 5:00 & 6:00 on WAFF 48 News Today.

This morning, two children are suffering from second and third degree burns and now their parents are behind bars. Limestone County Sheriff's deputies arrested Amanda Reyer and Derrick Defoe after their two were found with 2nd & 3rd degree burns. You have to hear why their neighbors weren't surprised by the arrests.

Hey, Jeb Bush has a pretty big announcement today.

....And the powers that be better make a movie out of this, you know the woman who allegedly helped those two New York prison inmates escape, well she'll be in court today for her preliminary hearing. She's already pleaded not guilty while the search for her buddies prison drags on.

I hope you had a safe weekend and are rejuvenated for the long week ahead. I pretty much stayed inside to avoid the heat and to binge watch Orange is the new Black.

Lauren Jones is in for David Ernst and will have your steamy day forecast starting at 4:30 a.m.

See you then!!