Feb. 1999 - WAFF looks back at 'The 60s'

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - This throwback could be considered "meta."

We're taking you back to February 1999. As NBC was finishing its broadcast of "The 60s," a miniseries documenting the social, political and economic upheaval of the decade, WAFF was taking a look back at Huntsville's role in that time period.

Mark Thornhill's special series "The Way We Were" showed that the Tennessee Valley, thankfully, avoided much of the tumultuous and often violent situations - but nonetheless played a vital role in American history.

It was the decade in which the Marshall Space Flight Center came into its own, with Dr. Wernher von Braun hitting on the rocket design that would send America to the moon and beyond.

The conflict in Vietnam reached its climax - many men in North America got their draft numbers and were called up. While anti-war demonstrations were prevalent in the decade, a peaceful and bi-racial march of students from Alabama A&M and UAH bucked the trends seen elsewhere in the country.

"The Muscle Shoals Sound" blossomed. Percy, Aretha, Joe, and the Stones were just a few of the dozens of well-known music stars to have left their mark on a legendary place in music history.

Huntsville experienced a population boom as powerful as the rockets making the city famous.

As the decade ended, the man credited with putting the Rocket City on the map took his leave.

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