Aug. 22, 2014 - WAFF's 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

Aug. 22, 2014 - WAFF's 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Making a splash is arguably the best way to call attention to a special cause.

That was made no more evident than the spring and summer of 2014, when the "Ice Bucket Challenge" gripped the nation, and caused thousands of chilled-to-the-bone people grip some warm towels.

The premise of the challenge is this: Donate to the ALS Association or dump ice water over yourself. Many, however, chose to do both, making a spectacle of themselves and contributing to research and treatment of ALS, also called Lou Gehrig's disease.

In North Alabama, donors brought out their buckets and their wallets, with fundraising events at such places as HudsonAlpha in Huntsville, the City of Decatur, and more.

Even the Crimson Tide got into the spirit and took a cold shower to raise awareness.

Here at WAFF, on a hot and balmy summer evening, when usually we'd be primarily concerned with Friday Night Fever football coverage, we took some time out to challenge one another - and many of the on-air staff accepted with aplomb, and arguably with a "brrrr."

It culminated during our 6 p.m. newscast, when we closed out with a shot of our own Mark Thornhill and Kim Essex get doused to close out the show.

ARCHIVE: WAFF on-air team takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

Donations to the ALS Association climbed into the nine-digit dollar figure range by the end of the summer. When it was all said and done, researchers and those diagnosed with the disease were overwhelmed by the support and attention the Ice Bucket Challenge brought.

You can donate to the ALS Association year-round; click here for more information.

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