May 18, 1994 - A full day of news

May 18, 1994 - A full day of news
Mark Thornhill on sports. (Source: WAFF/NewsActive3-YouTube)
Mark Thornhill on sports. (Source: WAFF/NewsActive3-YouTube)

(WAFF) - It's Wednesday, May 18, 1994 - the news starts now.

Newscast nostalgia is a pretty big hobby for some YouTube users, such as NewsActive3, who came into possession of a tape of a random WAFF 48 broadcast and uploaded it recently.

The commercials aired during that newscast are also included in this video, to the delight of fans of ad throwbacks - and note, some ads may ring some familiar bells - we know of at least one whose jingle aired as recently as this summer!

If you're on a mobile device, you can click here to watch it in full. Here's a rundown of a few of things The Tennessee Valley News Channel, as we were called at that time, covered:

Mason Court demonstration: Residents said they felt uncomfortable in their own neighborhood, with a rash of crime and police interventions in the area. A community action group sets out to make a positive change.

Deadly confrontation: A fight outside a gas station on Sparkman Drive escalated into gunfire with one man dead.

Kids are getting the message, when it comes to sex education, according to a survey. We spoke to students at Coffee High School about what they take away from their sex ed program.

Starry, starry night: The weather was pleasant and sunny, with clear, crisp nights, as Jay Prater's forecast showed.

Stars try to catch a train: Huntsville's (then) baseball club went up against the Nashville Express, ultimately falling 3-2. This story led the sportscast fronted by now-news anchor Mark Thornhill.

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