At-10: 'Uber-attempt' to get ride share service to Huntsville

At-10: 'Uber-attempt' to get ride share service to Huntsville

. - Good Thursday evening.

Will a well-known, app-based transportation service be coming to Huntsville? No answer just yet. Tonight the Huntsville City Council discussed further amending ordinances to help allow UBER to set up shop in the city. WAFF 48's Tiani Jones was at that meeting. She'll have the latest, including input from Valley residents.

A local group also made a pitch to the Huntsville City Council tonight to outfit every Huntsville police officer

. The group of pastors and other city leaders, known as the North Huntsville Community United for Action, is pushing the plan after a number of claims of police brutality across the country. WAFF 48's Jim Abath was on hand for that presentation. He'll let you know what the council had to say.

And the Athens City Council was also busy tonight, unanimously approving a vote to decide on an increase in the property tax there. WAFF 48's Vincent Crivelli was on hand for that meeting and will have more “tax talk” at 10.

We hope to see you then.