Langford shines in Italy, prepares for senior season at Madison Academy

Langford shines in Italy, prepares for senior season at Madison Academy

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - He's one of the best players in the state; one of the best players in the country.

Rising senior Josh Langford made a trip overseas to Italy to play for the Adidas Eurocamp last weekend.

"It was a great experience to be with those guys, other top tier guys like me," Langford said, "and to be under them and to be under coach (Jerry) Stackhouse. He's a household name; he had an 18, 19 year career. To learn from him was a great experience. And off the court was a great experience as well.

"We got to go to Venice," he continues. "I learned something new, I didn't know Venice had no roads, and they get to their houses on boats, so I learned something new then."

Langford was one of a number of Class of 2016 prospects that made the trip, where the US Under-18 team went a perfect 3-0 against teams from France, Greece and a Eurocamp All Star team.

"We made history; we were the first team to win a game, and were the first in history to go undefeated," he said.

Langford is preparing for his senior year, while another elite prospect gets ready for his junior year - Johnson standout John Petty, considered one of the best players in the country for the Class of 2017.

Josh is excited about basketball in the state moving forward.

"I believe John Petty is a great player. He's actually top five now. You know that's great to see that he's come up like that. I just want to do a good job, to lead those guys down the right path, to let them know you got to keep your head on straight, because I've been where they are kinda going to."

Langford says he still has far to go on his journey, but being farther along than others, he still takes time to offer tidbits and a guiding lead.

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