Hot dog-adorned pie to make American Pizza Hut debut

Hot dog-adorned pie to make American Pizza Hut debut

(WAFF) - It made waves in the United Kingdom. It tantalized customers in Australia, caused curiosity in Canada.

All the while, American consumers asked two questions: "Why?" and "When is our turn?"

The answer to the latter question, according to a Pizza Hut announcement, is June 18.

The American version of the "Hot Dog-Stuffed Crust Pizza" will actually take on the form of Pizza Hut's other play-with-your-food variety, the "Cheesy Bites" pizza.

With a crust divided into 28 individual, pig-in-a-blanket-sized bites, the pizza will come with a side of mustard for dipping.

International versions of the pizza, rather than dividing the crust, followed the standard Stuffed Crust procedure, enveloping dough around a long segment of hot dog shaped around the edge of the pie, and featured a mustard drizzle on top.

Pizza Hut said their newest creation will go on sale in most locations for $11.99.

Will the taste be enough of an answer as to why even try such a food combination? Only Americans' tongues and wallets will tell.

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