State lawmakers have two days to pass budget

State lawmakers have two days to pass budget

(WAFF) - Time is running out on passing a state budget.

Two days is all lawmakers have in this session. Thursday, the state Senate could bring it up for discussion.

This is not a popular budget. Just because Senate leaders say they may discuss it, no one is really all that excited about that discussion.

The budget that will hit the Senate floor is basically the same version of the General Fund the House passed.

In a perfect world, the Alabama Senate would discuss and pass the state's operating budget Thursday - then send it back to the House for final concurrence before it moves on to the Governor. 

But, this is the same budget that cuts more than $200 million to state agencies.

Senate President Pro-Tem Del Marsh explains his expectations.

"The plan is to come in tomorrow morning at 9, and the rules chairman will have the General Fund Budget on that calendar in the morning," said Marsh. "We'll take up regular order of business, local bills that we didn't do today, make sure we clean all those things up, and then take up the budget, and what I would hope be a few bills maybe that the House wants, had asked us to finish up on."

If a special session is needed it could cost up $400,000.

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