Madison Co. Commission approves first public storm shelters

Madison Co. Commission approves first public storm shelters

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The Madison County Commission has approved a contract with a Madison company to build two public storm shelters in District 1 in Moores Mill.

This is the first public storm shelter in Madison County. There will also be a shelter built in District 3 in Brownsboro outside of Gurley.

The Madison County District 1 Commissioner Roger Jones said they're excited to be able to build a storm shelter for the community of Moores Mill.

He said it will "provide a safe haven for the people of this community to come to when there's a tornado."

Supercell Shelters of Madison will construct the new structures. The county will pay around $180,000 - part of which will come from the county's budget, with the remainder coming from grant money.

Residents along Moores Mill Road said they are afraid of tornadoes and they are excited to hear about protection from them.

"I get severely shaken up, nervous, try to find anywhere I can go to keep the kids safe," said resident Shannon Fitzgerald.

Commissioner Jones said he wished they could have implemented this project much sooner, but it took time to secure the funds.

"It is a big deal for the people of the Moores Mill community," he said. "There is a trailer park really close. Hopefully it will save some lives if we continue to have tornadoes."

Melvin Price has 13 grandchildren, and usually has at least one over at his mobile home in Moores Mill. He has lived in Alabama his entire life and has seen his share of destructive storms.

He worries every time his grandchildren are over during severe weather because his mobile home would be ripped to shreds.

"If it came straight through here, there wouldn't be anything left - just open fields," Price said.

Learning about the upcoming storm shelters send relief to the grandfather, who lives just a short distance from the shelter's location, which will be next to the Moores Mill Volunteer Fire Department.

"It's going to be great to just go down the road, and knowing I have a safe place to carry [the children] when the weather comes bad again, it's going to be great," he said.

Officials plan to have the shelter completed within three months - just in time for fall severe weather season.

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