See, Click, Fix: Police officers to patrol Toll Gate Road

See, Click, Fix: Police officers to patrol Toll Gate Road

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - This week's first issue first came up in February. A mother complained that drivers easily exceed the 30 mph speed limit on Toll Gate Road.

With school out, she's even more concerned now that it's more dangerous for kids playing there.

Huntsville Police said they would keep a closer on eye on it four months ago. They just posted that they will monitor the road again, so look for more patrol cars in the neighborhood.

It's the most popular late spring/early summer post on See, Click, Fix... vegetation that's out of control.

This time, it's from Ensley Drive to Logan Drive in Huntsville. There are trees and bushes closing off the sidewalk. As one man posted on our site, it's nearly impassable. You already have to bend your head to avoid smacking into the branches.

Huntsville's Green Team is on it. They've notified the property owners, who now have two weeks to cut it and get it back to normal.

One driver would like to see the traffic timing go back to normal at Newby Road and Bob Wallace Avenue. He says it can take five minutes to get a green light to turn onto Bob Wallace.

Huntsville engineers will take another look at it to see if the timing needs a tweak.

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