Rocket City Yoga Week offers classes for every taste (even chocolate)

Rocket City Yoga Week offers classes for every taste (even chocolate)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - If, when you think "yoga," you think "contortionists," you're missing out on the big picture - the picture of an overall healthier body!

You may feel apprehensive about starting yoga. Maybe you used to consider yourself a pro, but you've let a busy home and work life keep you from the mat.

Rocket City Yoga Week's third year of free yoga classes around Madison and Huntsville ran June 1-7 and concluded Sunday.

Classes were held in different locations around the area, indoors and out, to fit nearly everyone's schedule.

This year, there were a whopping 67 events to choose from, of vastly different difficulty levels and themes. There were classes for runners, cyclists, dancers, kids, curvy bodies, mom and their babies, yoga with beer, yoga with wine, even yoga with chocolate!

If you're new to yoga, or maybe have never even tried it before, Mitzi Connell, the founder of Rocket City Yoga Week puts your mind at ease with some things to remember:

  • Yoga doesn't require fancy pretzel-like postures often seen in the press.
  • Yoga doesn't ask that you have thigh gaps, lean muscles, flat bellies, flexible hamstrings, or the ability to wear size 4 yoga pants,
  • Yoga won't ask you to be rich, good-looking, successful, or well-known.
  • Yoga will never ask you to please everyone else.
  • Yoga doesn't care what type of car you drive, or how big your closet it.
  • Yoga won't ask your IQ.

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