UAH team to study nighttime storms

UAH team to study nighttime storms

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Some UAH students are gearing up for a trip to learn about nighttime storms.

A team of 18 students and scientists from UAH will head to Kansas for the Plains Elevated Convection at Night program.

The group is set to leave Thursday. They will spend six weeks studying nighttime storms and related weather events.

"(We're going to) look at what's going to keep them going, why do they produce severe weather, why they produce tornadoes, why they produce a tremendous amount of rain," explained UAH's Ryan Wade, "and how does that translate into, maybe even not just severe weather, but also the beneficial rains that we get here in the Southeast."

The team will be equipped with 1,200 weather balloons and at least seven mobile radars.

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