Turn the beat around with a new 'cadence'

Turn the beat around with a new 'cadence'

(WAFF) - In this rhythm nation, we all dance to the beat of our own drum.

The pace and flow of that beat is otherwise known as a "cadence."

A cadence is the rhythmic flow of sounds or words. It is a pattern; it is a sequence.

Marching bands are known to enter and depart a playing field with a striking cadence from the drum line.

Poems, especially free verse, are cadenced in varying structures.

Musically, a cadence can also describe the pitch of a speaking or reading voice, or a sequence of chords that note the end of a section of music or an entire composition.

According to the Random House Dictionary, "cadence" first appeared between 1350-1400 and is based off the Italian word cadenza.

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