Who wants to know about the interrobang?!

Who wants to know about the interrobang?!

(WAFF) - We may know this pairing of the question mark and the exclamation mark (?!) to denote a question with a degree of surprise. It may also indicate anger or otherwise strengthen the intended tone of a statement.

But did you know it has a name?

Further to that: Did you know that in some cases you can type that combination out as a single character?

It's called an "interrobang." The combination is quite easy: the question mark, alternatively called the "interrogation mark," is combined with "bang," a printer's slang term for the exclamation mark.

Use of the word doesn't date back very far; the Random House Dictionary cites its history as sometime between 1965-1970.

Not all typefaces support the interrobang. We tried it out for this story, and while the single character appeared when we entered text, it sadly only appeared as a question mark when published.

Some typewriters even offered an interrobang key. You can get the character to appear on some PCs and software applications using a keyboard combination that includes pressing five or more keys in total.

If you're in a rush to shout it out, getting the question and exclamation marks side-by-side might be satisfactory for you.

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