Pilferer unwittingly poses for ATM picture

Pilferer unwittingly poses for ATM picture

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Talk about picture perfect.

Some people pay money to have their picture taken. But the picture a criminal unknowingly posed for could pay you money.

They say a picture's worth 1,000 words. This one is worth up to $1,000.

Police say a man shown on a surveillance camera is using a stolen debit card at a Huntsville ATM April 25.

The crime started at the Chasewood Village Apartments off Drake Avenue, when the victim had her car broken into and her debit card stolen.

Not to blame the victim, but she had the card in a protective sleeve. And she had written her personal identification number on it. Let this be a lesson for anyone who has done the same thing with their own financial data.

Crooks don't need any help. But this crook is going to need legal help when you identify him.

Judging by the clarity of this picture, it's going to be a case of when, not if he's identified.

If you want the reward money, you better move quickly. Make the anonymous call to 256-53-Crime. Or text or e-mail your anonymous tip.

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