See, Click, Fix: Southside Park's Dog Park

See, Click, Fix: Southside Park's Dog Park

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Southside Park on Chaney Thompson Road is still a relatively new park. It has a playground, pavilion and dog park, but it's the dog park that's generated a lot of attention lately.

That's mostly because of the need for some TLC.

One man wrote me that he was disappointed that it's a muddy mess, with large piles of debris and waist-high weeds. He called it un-usable and basically unsafe.

I contacted the City of Huntsville's Green Team. They're sending an inspector to check it out and then a maintenance crew to clean it up.

We'll follow up. In the meantime, let me know what you see there.

This week, we also checked out Chandler Road. One homeowner posted on our See, Click, Fix site that drivers generally speed over 50 miles an hour where Boulder meets Chandler, on the Garth Road end of Chandler.

The speed limit is 25, so that's twice the limit. Huntsville Police are on it. They will be setting up a radar detail. So, if you drive there, you'll see patrol officers there soon, stopping drivers.

And there are always requests for repaving. This time, the request is for Whitesport Drive in Huntsville. We found some cracks, but it didn't look as bad as some other streets we've seen. Public Works will be filling in those cracks.

Whitesport's not on the resurfacing list for this year, but engineers will check it out to see if they need to re-evaluate.

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