Amaze your friends with 'flabbergast'

Amaze your friends with 'flabbergast'

(WAFF) - We don't want to astonish you, but there is a connection between the word "flabbergast" and the verb "throw."

The Random House Dictionary states that "flabbergast" came into our linguistic library in the late 1700s, possibly as a combination of "flabby" and "aghast."

Other words you could use in place of "flabbergast:" amaze, astonish, perplex, confound, mystify.

But that doesn't explain "throw," which we all know to be a verb pertaining to strength or force.

Well, like many other words, over time, people found ways for words to evolve into multiple different meanings. The Online Etymology Dictionary says that nearly a century after "flabbergast" came into the picture, around 1844, it says - "throw" evolved into another synonym to confuse or flabbergast - as in, "You threw me with that fact."

Random House also confirms you can call someone with a penchant or habit of amazing his or her friends a "flabbergaster," as that variation is included as a noun.

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