Russian Proton rocket explodes shortly after liftoff

Russian Proton rocket explodes shortly after liftoff

(WAFF) - A Russian Proton rocket exploded shortly after launch

from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

It was scheduled to deploy a Mexican satellite into orbit when some type of mishap occurred shortly after liftoff. The rocket broke apart somewhere over Eastern Russia, according to published reports.

YOUTUBE: Launch of MexSat-1

This is the second major blow to the Russian Space Agency in the last two weeks and basically cripples the Russian Space Agency.

To make matters worse, the engines on the Russian Progress 58 resupply ship, docked now to the Zvezda service module on the International Space Station failed to fire. The engines needed to fire to correct and raise the altitude on the ISS for the undocking of the Expedition 43 in early June (delayed because of the other issues with the Soyuz/Progress Ship that failed to launch April 28).

The engine firing is directed from the ground, not done by the crew on the ISS. Something that both the Russian Space Agency and NASA will need to tackle in the coming week.

Meantime, the crew is safe.

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