Wild Police Chase Through Two Counties Overnight

Wild Police Chase Through Two Counties Overnight

You've probably seen some wild police chases on "Cops". I was watching one last night. Well, how a chase that takes over an hour? That's what we had overnight right here in the valley. It started at a checkpoint at Memorial Parkway and Winchester Road and moved through Madison and Limestone Counties. And we have the video! Lauren Morrison will show you in the Alert Center.

Several of you keep bringing up the idea of a lottery here in Alabama. Lawmakers are still debating it in Montgomery in the waning days of the legislative session. Muriel Bailey's checking into how Senate Pro Tem Del Marsh is revising his bill. Look for her live with that report.

It looks speed was a big factor in that Philadelphia train derailment. And we're learning more about the engineer. We'll take you live to Philly for more on that and how they're still trying to clear the wreckage.

And it's another cool morning. My dash thermometer was reading in the 50s. Meteorologist David Ernst will let you know how much that mercury will rise and what you'll see for your Thursday.

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-- Jim Abath