2-for-1: Couple sought for theft, card use

2-for-1: Couple sought for theft, card use

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Usually a 2-for-1 deal is a good thing. But not when it comes to crime.

This week, we have two crimes in one. It involves a purse and your chance to pad your own.

How many couples do you see entering and leaving a Walmart on any given night?

But there's something significant about one certain couple.

Police say this man and woman, seen on store surveillance, are shopping on someone's else's dime. Or more specifically, they're shopping on someone else's credit card.

So how did they get that credit card? Police say the victim was sitting in her vehicle at the University Plaza on University Drive when the woman reached into the car and grabbed the victim's purse. They wrestled with it for a few seconds, then the crook jumped into a waiting car and sped off.

This happened on Nov. 6. And for this couple, there's no speeding away from the crime or the surveillance pictures.

They made stops at two different stores, leaving behind some very nice shots of themselves. And these shots could be nice and profitable for you.

If you recognize them, you might be seeing some dancing dollar signs. Make the anonymous call to 256-53-Crime.

Or text or e-mail your anonymous tips - click here to learn more.

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