Overnight: Car Crashes Into Valley Creek

Imagine being stuck in that car. It's a little hard to see because it's so dark, but that's what makes it scary. She drove off an embankment and into a creek overnight in New Market. We have video of the scene, and Muriel Bailey is checking on how the woman is doing right now.

Even scarier, an Amtrak train went off the tracks last night in Philadelphia last night, killing five people. Lauren Morrison will take you there live this morning so you can see what they're dealing with while investigators try to figure out why it derailed.

Do you have disability and need a job or know someone who does? There's a job fair designed for you this week. We'll lay out what you need to know at 5:30.

Recalls galore - one from GM, also a toy car, safety gate and a swivel stool. Look for those at 5:46.

And how about that breeze and the cooler temperatures? I almost needed a light jacket at tee ball practice last night. Hopefully, Meteorologist David Ernst will say that wasn't just a fleeting moment. He has your Weather On The Tens.

Hump Day is upon us. We'll help you get to the downslide to the weekend. Join us!

-- Jim Abath