See Click Fix: Help for distressed trees

See Click Fix: Help for distressed trees

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - These trees could use a little help. And that's exactly one man's concern. He took this picture of the newly planted trees on Washington Street in Huntsville. He pointed that with the heat rising outside these days, that these trees look distressed.

Huntsville's Green Team forwarded that to a forestry supervisor who checked it out. Landscape crews have now added watering it regularly themselves on top of the automatic sprinkler schedule.

We've gotten several posts in the last year about the Southland Motel on Governors Drive west. What's going on there? Someone posted last week, asking whether it's going to be repaired? It's not. Huntsville Inspectors say a permit's now been issued for the motel to be demolished.

And then, there's one of our familiar intersections with traffic trouble. One driver who posted on See, Click, Fix is concerned that the light at the intersection of California Street and Governors Drive is out of sync with the light at Longwood and California. He says when you head south on California and go through the light, you get stopped at a red light at Longwood and that backs up traffic into the Governors intersection.

Huntsville traffic engineers are checking that right now to see if they need to make some adjustments. Let us know what you see there.

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