Third man sentenced in Decatur Krystal murder

Third man sentenced in Decatur Krystal murder

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - A man convicted of killing two Krystal employees in Decatur was sentenced on Monday.

The judge sentenced

to two life sentences - one for each felony murder conviction. He will serve both sentences at the same time with the possibility of parole.

A jury convicted Gholston on two counts of felony murder in February. 

Prosecutors said he was part of a plot to rob the Krystal restaurant in Decatur in 2011. Gholston is the third person to be sentenced in relation to that crime.

Jeff Graff and Jesse Aguilar were shot and killed in the robbery.

After the hearing, Lois Graff, the widow of Jeff Graff, and Marie Aguilar, the mother of Jessie Aguilar spoke about their final day of having to relive their heartbreak in a courtroom.

"We'll remember Jeff and Jessie always, and thank God for their lives and the lives they touched. Some things we can change, and other we cannot. Nothing will bring back Jeff and Jessie, but we'll continue to hold on to God's promises, and His never failing love and mercy," Graff said.

Jeff Graff was working as the night manager, and Jessie Aguilar was an employee at the restaurant. They were shot and killed by Jordaan Creque while Gholston helped rob the store.

Cassandra Eldred drove the two men there, waited in the car during the robbery, then drove them away from the scene. Graff was 50 years old, and Aguilar was 23.

Aguilar had two young daughters. His son was born after his death.

Marie Aguilar said of the three convicted for the murders, only Cassandra Eldred showed remorse.

"She reacted when Jessie's name was said. She knew Jessie very well. She knew his children. I felt like she was the only one who had any kind of remorse. Her I can forgive eventually," Aguilar said.

The victims' families thanked the Morgan County District Attorney's Office team and the Decatur police officers who brought their loved ones' killers to justice.

"They didn't just bring us justice. They brought us comfort. And their strength helped us along, too. This was extremely difficult for the both of us, for all the families involved," Aguilar said.

The gunman, Jordaan Creque, was convicted and is currently on death row. Cassandra Eldred also pleaded guilty to two counts of felony murder on April 1 and was sentenced to life in prison.

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