Sentencing In Two Big Valley Court Cases Today

Sentencing In Two Big Valley Court Cases Today

That's Ezekiel Gholston, one of the three people either convicted of murder or pleaded guilty to murder charges for the Decatur Krystal killings (picture from Decatur Daily). He will be in court today to find out how long he's be going to prison. Muriel Bailey picks up the story from here, starting at 5:00.

Another big case goes to sentencing today. Joyce Garrard, the Etowah County woman found guilty of capital murder for her 9-year-old granddaughter's death, will find out her fate. Clare Huddleston from our sister station in Birmingham, will join me live at 5:13 to update us on the possibilities.

Do you have severe weather anxiety? I think we all do a little bit. Check out what University of Alabama researchers are working on right now at 5:21. It's a treatment that could help you overcome your fears.

We saw quite a bit of severe weather over the weekend in South Dakota, Iowa and Texas. We'll take you there.

And here? We're just feeling the heat, even this early in the morn. Meteorologist Lauren Jones will pinpoint how hot it's going to get and when the rain returns this week. Catch her every ten minutes. That's our Weather On The Tens commitment.

I'm off to the set now. Join me for WAFF 48 News Today, and we'll get this Monday off to a great start together!

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