Rack up your Scrabble score with 2-letter words

Rack up your Scrabble score with 2-letter words

(WAFF) - Wordsmiths and lovers of letters also have a love for the world's best-known crossword game, Scrabble.

Born out of the Great Depression, the game, invented by Alfred Mosher Butts in 1929, has gone through countless evolutions and formats, spawning online games, tournaments - even a few TV game shows.

There are countless numbers of words you can make with your Scrabble tiles before the bag runs out - but not all of them are acceptable, according to the official Scrabble rules.

Proper nouns are off-limits, as are abbrev. (abbreviations), prefixes and words requiring apostrophes or hyphens. That means "off-limits," used just a moment ago, would be... well, off-limits.

That cuts out a lot of options; so what do you do when you have just a few tiles left, but none of them seem to make a really cracking play?

Go for a two-letter word. There's plenty - in fact, there's over 100.

He, me, we - we're sure you know most of them, but did you know Mm is acceptable? As in, "Mm, that was a great dinner." What about ne: "born with the name of."

Ba, or the eternal soul (according to Egyptian mythology) earns you points, as would za, an official noun describing a pizza. "Mm, that was a great za."

There are two official sources for Scrabble-compliant words - one from Merriam-Webster, publisher's of the game's official dictionary, and one on the board game's official website.

Play on!

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