Give mom a free gift for Mother's Day that lasts forever

Give mom a free gift for Mother's Day that lasts forever

(WAFF) - You can give your mom a gift on Mother's Day that will not only create a special memory, but that will create a moment that will last forever.

StoryCorps is an app that allows you to record conversations with anyone and the conversation will be archived forever in the Library of Congress.

All you have to do is use your phone record a conversation with you and your mother.

StoryCorps suggests questions for your mom like: "What do you remember about the day you became a mother?" or  "What are your hopes and dreams for both your future and hers?" or "What are some special memories she has of her mother?"

You never know what you might learn about the woman you thought you knew for your entire life.

If you can't be with her, you can get together with a sibling or other relative and share some of your favorite memories about her. She will be able to listen to it and the recording will be stored forever in the Library of Congress for future generations to hear.

Click here for more about a StoryCorps Mother's Day interview, and read more on the StoryCorps app and how to download it here.

You can also watch a video here of a 12-year-old little boy with Asperger's syndrome, Joshua Littman, interviewing his mother Sarah. 

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