A 'cromulent' word to use in everyday conversation

A 'cromulent' word to use in everyday conversation

(WAFF) - As many on the internet will tell you, "The Simpsons did it first."

That's the case with our #WAFFword selection, cromulent. Though online references put an asterisk by the word noting its use as slang, magazine Mental Floss says the word can be found in the Webster's New Millennium Dictionary of English.

The Dictionary of American Slang defines the word as 'appearing legitimate but actually being spurious' (not genuine).

However, a former version of the online listing, and the one cited by Mental Floss, describes cromulent as something that is "fine" or "acceptable."

In the episode of The Simpsons which gave birth to this addition to the lexicon features two teachers debating the legitimacy of the word "embiggens."

"It's a perfectly cromulent word," said one of the teachers.

We choose to pick the latter definition and accept it into our list of interesting words.

We also have an interesting story about the word "embiggens." But it shall wait for another day.

That would be the cromulent thing to do.

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