Let's chew the fat about 'schmaltz'

Let's chew the fat about 'schmaltz'

(WAFF) - Some words you just don't think are real, dictionary-defined words. Other words, which you may think mean one thing, are just slang for another, and the real meaning is something totally different.

When we looked up schmaltz as our #WAFFword of the day, we expected to find a description for something sentimental and sweet, perhaps even overly so - like those "Awwww" moments the studio audience of "Full House" might give.

And the first definition we saw of the word at Dictionary.com confirmed that meaning: "exaggerated sentimentalism, as in music or soap operas."

It was the inclusion of the note "informal" by that definition that surprised us.

Schmaltz is actually a Yiddish word that doesn't really refer to anything sweet - it's a word that describes animal fat or grease, particularly that of chickens.

It's a relatively recent addition to the vernacular; the Random House Dictionary shows its prevalence in the early 1930s.

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