At 10: Will Alabama roll the dice on gambling?

At 10: Will Alabama roll the dice on gambling?

Good Tuesday evening, everyone!

Alabama voters could get a say when it comes to gambling and a lottery in this state. Today ,Senate President Pro-Tem Del Marsh introduced a bill that would allow gaming and the sale of lottery tickets. He says it will pump money into the general fund. Could it be the solution to the state's budget problems? A local economist offers his opinion.

Smokers - it could soon cost you more to light up. Alabama lawmakers are discussing a new proposal that would increase the taxes on cigarettes. What do business owners think about the idea? Tonight a Montgomery business speaks out.

Draft beer will soon be flowing for the first time in one North Alabama city. The Fort Payne city council approved an ordinance to sell draft beer in the city tonight. At 10, we'll tell you when local businesses can "hop" on board and start selling draft beer.

Join us tonight at 10 for these stories and your Mother' s Day forecast.

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