See, Click, Fix: Alley weed-cutting update

See, Click, Fix: Alley weed-cutting update

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Last week, when we checked in with Sherry Lampkin, she was concerned about the tall grass and weeds in the alleyway behind her house on for at least two reasons.

The uninvited guests were definitely one problem. The other problem was the notice she got from the City of Huntsville. She needed to cut the alley herself, or at least her portion of it. Had she seen anybody else go back there to cut or maintain it?

"No, I have not," said Lampkin. "The whole time I've lived here, I haven't seen anybody go back there. That neighbor doesn't go. They don't do theirs. They definitely don't. So, I don't understand why it's just this particular address or whatever to get it done."

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I checked with the city's code enforcement manager. At first glance, he said it would be Sherry's responsibility to cut it, along with several other neighbors who also got notices.

But when he looked further, he discovered that this alley was once a drainage area that the City of Huntsville had maintained in the past. It was piped in and covered fairly recently, and the City's Landscape Management Division is responsible.

I let Sherry know she is not responsible so she can throw away her notice. And after our story aired last week, a crew went out and cut the entire alley.

If you find yourself in a similar situation with a common area like this and you aren't sure who's responsible for maintaining it, check with your city or county. And if you don't get an answer, let me know.

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