Madison police uncover stash of pot candy

Madison police uncover stash of pot candy

Good Monday evening.

Candy and marijuana. How's that for a dangerous combination? WAFF 48's Sarah Navoy is following up on a very unique drug bust in the city of Madison that involves hiding marijuana in candy. More than 12 pounds of this concoction was seized by drug agents.

Plus, Governor Bentley's proposed budget cuts would have a direct impact on the state mental health facilities. WAFF 48's Tiani Jones was on hand for a town hall meeting in the Shoals tonight to talk about the major impact that would have on the area.

And you go to the health spa to get freshened and cleaned up. But just how clean are those spas? WAFF 48's Margo Gray went beyond the health care numbers to show you the questions you should asking. Don't miss this very enlightening 48 Investigates report.

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