New Developments In Freddie Gray Case

New Developments In Freddie Gray Case

Was Freddie Gray intentionally trying to hurt himself while he was in Baltimore police van? That's one story that's emerging this morning as police prepare their investigation for state prosecutors. And that's just one story that could change a lot in how this story moves forward. We'll get you caught up and take you to Maryland to show you how everything's looking this morning. Meantime, protests continue there and in other cities across the U.S.

How would you like minimum wage at $12 an hour? That's what lawmakers in Washington will be talking about today. Muriel Bailey will fill you in on the possibility, starting at 5:05 a.m.

There are more incredible survival stories coming out after that earthquake in Nepal. You'll hear from a Birmingham man and his ordeal. And Lauren Morrison has a feel good story about a baby found alive in the rubble. He's become the face of the aftermath of that disaster and a glimmer of hope. Here's the story

, but trust me. You need to see the video, and we'll show it to you.

And it looks like a nice day. Why not play some baseball? They're going to do that tonight at Joe Davis Stadium. The team formerly known as the Huntsville Stars will take to the diamond for the first of at least 14 games in the Rocket City this spring. We'll run down the schedule for you.

All the players here are on the field. We're back on the desk, ready to pitch you the day's news. And all you have to do is watch and enjoy. WAFF 48 News Today is on the air. Join us!

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