Resupply Mission to International Space Station lost

Resupply Mission to International Space Station lost

Gone. For the second time in six months, a resupply mission to the International Space Station is lost.

The Russian Progress 59 spacecraft that launched Tuesday from Kazakhstan was declared a total loss today after the capsule went into an uncontrollable spin. It could not be righted.

The Progress vessel is unmanned. It was loaded with three tons of food, medical supplies, clothes, science payloads, video and still cameras and much more.

This is the second resupply mission in six months to fail. You'll remember the Orbital Sciences Antares Rocket exploded in October, moments after lift-off from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility. The cause of that explosion is still being investigated.

The crew on board the ISS today says they will get by without the delivery.

We have reported in the past that there is typically a six-month supply of food, etc. on board the ISS.

We do not know how this second loss will impact that balance.

The Progress is expected to re-enter earth's orbit and disintegrate sometime today.

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