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Overnight: Ferguson Shootings Follow Protests For Baltimore

      That's the chaotic scene in Ferguson, Missouri this morning (picture from St. Louis Post-Dispatch). Two people were reportedly shot in the midst of protests supporting Baltimore. A spokesman for the City of Ferguson says police are having trouble investigating because protesters are throwing rocks at them.

Meantime, in Baltimore, police say the overnight curfew is working. The protests continue, though. We'll take you there live this morning on WAFF 48 News Today. http://bit.ly/1bdn4oe

Yea and nay. That's the simple answer to "Did voters approve tax measures yesterday?" We'll break down what those votes mean for Muscle Shoals and Russellville and why there's a new warning out of Lawrence County. http://bit.ly/1ImdexO

And would you throw away millions of dollars at a crucial time? The heck with a crucial time. Would you ever throw away millions of dollars? Me neither, but you'll hear why some draft experts say one NFL prospect just did that. Check out What's Trending at 5:25.

But don't wait until then to join us. I'm up on the anchor desk at 4:30, bringing you all this and much more. David has your weather http://bit.ly/GSwBfq, and Margo joins me at 5:00. Now, let's do this!

-- Jim Abath
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