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Get back into shape for spring without injuries

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DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Bob Fite was a standout football player at Decatur High School in his younger days, but now in his mid-60s, he says trying to stay in shape is a little harder. 

"Just doing it in the spring, you're going to be very sore, you're probably going to be laid up for several months, and everyone else is going to be out having fun in the warm weather," says Fite. 

"You need to look at it from a 12-month perspective. I'm very fortunate to be able to afford a personal trainer like Conley and it's been a real blessing for me, with arthritis and orthopedic issues."

Trainer and former Alabama Football standout Conley Duncan gave us some tips for getting a middle-aged body back in shape the right way.  

"Some people get a little bit sedentary in the winter months. So I think the first thing people should really focus on when they're getting started is to try to ease into it," says Duncan.

He says don't try to do too much too soon but to start slow and then increase your workout.

"You know the stretching, the flexibility. Spend a little extra time on working on that before you start your runs or your jogs or your bike riding. You really want to minimize those injuries."

No matter what type of exercise you want to do, you also need to make certain that you're dressed appropriately for that specific type of exercise.  

"Cotton is really not a good fabric to wear because it holds the moisture in and becomes heavy," says Duncan.

Local sporting good stores will have plenty of so-called breathable fabrics. 

Duncan also says protect your feet to help with all the stress placed on the feet, ankles, and knees 

"If you're going to be out running, jogging and biking, things of that nature, you need to invest in a good pair of shoes."

Hydration is also another very important tip.  

"Make sure you take plenty of fluids in before, during and after your workout. People tend to sweat a lot and lose a lot of sodium," says Duncan.

So before jumping into that outdoor workout, do a little homework first.  

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