See, Click, Fix: Who's supposed to cut this?

See, Click, Fix: Who's supposed to cut this?

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Spring sprang quickly in this Huntsville alleyway. Grass, weeds, wildflowers.

They've already grown to the point of being a tad unsightly halfway behind the houses on Eastbrook and Greenfield Drives. It's already invited some unwanted guests.

"Rats!" said Sherry Lampkin, whose property backs up to that alley. "Yes, because I do have a big dog and I see them out here dead sometimes."

Lampkin's not sure who's supposed to cut it. She never really thought about it until she got a letter three weeks ago which said...

"That I'm in violation of my weeds," said Lampkin. "I have my yard cleaned off, and I guess that's what they're talking about because he was talking about the alley, but it doesn't belong to me."

Lampkin says she'll cut if she has to but wants to know first if it's her responsibility. She's never seen anyone else go into the alley to cut either.

"They don't do theirs," said Lampkin, pointing at one of her neighbor's yards. "They definitely don't. So, I don't understand why it's just this particular address or whatever to get it done."

As far as she knows, no one else has gotten a violation notice, but that could change soon .I talked with the city's community development director and the code enforcement manager.They told me in most cases, the property lines reach farther than property owners think they do, close to half the distance to the next property.

So, it appears it is Sherry and the other homeowners' responsibility.But just to be sure, the city's going out to the neighborhood today to measure where those property lines are and where the city easement is.Then, we'll all know for sure who gets to cut it .I'll let you know.

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