Video shows WA children nearly struck by SUV passing stopped school bus

Video shows WA children nearly struck by SUV passing stopped school bus

GRAHAM, WA (KOMO/CNN) - Heart-stopping video from a security camera shows a driver coming within inches of mowing down three school children in Washington state.

The bus is stopped. The doors are about to open. And an SUV came within inches of wiping out three children as their mothers watched in shock.

"They were so close to being taken away from me," said Lisa Razo, one of the mothers. "It's really, really hard to watch."

Nobody was hurt, but 5-year-old Charity says it felt like something touched her.

"Cause it kind of ran over my shoe a little," Charity said.

The onboard surveillance system captured the near miss from three separate angles.

Witnesses say the SUV drove around several other vehicles stopped behind the bus.

"When we knew our kids were okay the anger set in, I took off running, I was part way down this hill after her," said Brandy Wheeler, another mother.

Wheeler's 10-year-old son Jerry is one of the children, along with Razo's 5 and 9-year-old daughters.

The SUV sped past the bus not in a lane, but on the shoulder of the road.

"To have somebody go that far out of their way to get around the bus, at the speeds that they were going," Wheeler said.

It happened too fast for anybody to get a license plate. School district officials say all lights and signs on the bus were working and the bus driver did everything by the book.

And so did those children, who were taught by their parents to wait for the bus to stop and the doors to open before you get on.

"If it hadn't been, you know, two three more steps our kids might not be here," said Wheeler."

Wheeler and Razo ask parents to remind their kids to wait a safe distance from the bus, wait for the doors to open, then look both ways before starting to board.

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