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Live report on crews locating missing hiker near Cecil Ashburn area. Riots continue as National Guard takes control of Baltimore. Little chilly, grab a jacket this morning!

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Hiker missing near Cecil Ashburn are, crews later locate her.

Here in the valley, while you were sleeping, rescuers went looking for a missing hiker near Cecil Ashburn Drive. 

Muriel Bailey is on the scene right now. She'll join us live with how that search is going.

Riots in Baltimore raise questions about police response.

National Guard troops fanned out through the city, shield-bearing police officers blocked the streets and firefighters doused still-simmering blazes early this morning as a growing area of Baltimore shuddered from riots following the funeral of a black man who died in police custody.

We'll take you there live throughout the show.

Helicopters ferry injured from Nepal villages near epicenter.

Helicopters crisscrossed the skies above the mountains of Gorkha district today near the epicenter of the weekend earthquake, ferrying the injured to clinics, and taking emergency supplies back to remote villages devastated by the disaster in Nepal that killed more than 4,400 people across the region.

Aid workers who had reached the edges of the epicenter described entire villages reduced to rubble.

Might need a light jacket this morning, it might be a little chilly!

Starting this morning with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 40s. Clouds will increase through the day. 

Rain showers will spread into the Valley late, but we stay dry for most of the afternoon with highs near 70. Steadier rain moves in overnight. Lows should drop into the lower 50s.

WAFF 48 News Today is on your TV right now! 

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