Check Out What's Going On In Baltimore This Morning

Check Out What's Going On In Baltimore This Morning

That's one of the countless fires burning in Baltimore this morning in the midst of the riots following Freddie Gray's funeral yesterday. He died while in police custody. I just saw a tweet that firefighters say there are so many fires, they've run out of resources! The governor's called in the National Guard, and the mayor's set an overnight curfew. And that's just part of the story. We'll take you there live throughout our morning show.

Here in the valley, while you were sleeping, rescuers went looking for a missing hiker near Cecil Ashburn Drive. Muriel Bailey's on the scene right now. She'll join us live with how that search is going.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the April 27th tornadoes. Today, we mark one year since a tornado hit Lincoln County, Tennessee. You'll hear what the South Lincoln Elementary School's principal has to say about what's changed.

And, you know the weather has to change again, right? It seems like that's just the recipe for late April. Meteorologist David Ernst is tracking when the next round of storms is moving in. I have a feeling it's going to be later today. He'll let you know for sure in Weather On The Tens.

OK, I'm off to the studio for more news. Keep us company, won't you? WAFF 48 News Today is on your TV right now!

-- Jim Abath

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