Alabama legislature recognizes HudsonAlpha for groundbreaking research

Alabama legislature recognizes HudsonAlpha for groundbreaking research
Howard Jacob Ph.D. spoke at the legislative session Thursday morning. (Source: HudsonAlpha)
Howard Jacob Ph.D. spoke at the legislative session Thursday morning. (Source: HudsonAlpha)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - HudsonAlpha was recognized as a key asset for the state of Alabama on Thursday by the Alabama House of Representatives. They also welcomed the first scientist in the world to use genomic sequencing to save a patient's life.

Clinical genomics expert, Howard Jacob, Ph.D., announced last month that he and multiple research teams from the Medical College of Wisconsin will be relocating to the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in Huntsville this Summer. Jacob's was welcomed to the floor by the Alabama House during Thursday's session.

"One of my goals at HudsonAlpha," said Jacob, "will be to enable millions of patients and their doctors to use the knowledge from the patient's DNA to improve healthcare."

The House also presented House Joint Resolution 44, sponsored by Rep. Mac McCutcheon, praising the concentration of genomic experts and technology at HudsonAlpha.

"The HudsonAlpha Institute has been a leader for biotechnology for the state of Alabama. The connection between science, clinical research, clinical care and job creation is vital to moving Alabama and the global community forward," said McCutcheon. "Whit the addition of the new genomic research, bioinformatic and clinical teams, Alabama will continue to lead the world in caring for patients and their families."

The resolution recognizes the scientists, clinicians, educators and entrepreneurs for performing groundbreaking genomic research, growing the bioscience economy in Alabama and providing answers to Alabama patients and families impacted by undiagnosed genetic diseases.

"The state of Alabama has been a tremendous partner with HudsonAlpha and we look forward to continued success working together as we diversify and strengthen the state's economy," Said co-founder of HundsonAlpha, Jim Hudson.

Jacob and the research teams expect to add an additional 200 jobs on the HudsonAlpha campus in the next five years.

"In seven years, we've gone from two faculty members to eight companies to where we are now, with 15 faculty members and more than two dozen companies," said Rick Myers, HudsonAlpha President and Science Director. "Think about where we're going to be in another seven years.'

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