Police: Massive response at apartment result of possible 'swatting'

Police: Massive response at apartment result of possible 'swatting'

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A massive police response on Tuesday at the Colonial Grand at Edgewater apartment complex on Grandeview Boulevard is believed to be the result of a "swatting" incident, according to Huntsville police.

Police say two teenagers were left unsupervised at the apartment complex, which is located off of Zierdt Road.

Tina Collison was out for a mid-morning walk when she said she stumbled upon the large police response, then saw officers put the two teens in handcuffs.

"They came out willingly," Collison said. "They stood at the door. The officers gave the 'Hands behind your head, get on your knees, lay down flat.' The first one did that, the second one did that, and there was no problem."

Officers say initial reports indicated a person had been stabbed, another tied up and there was a bomb at the scene. When they arrived, they found none of that to be true.

What initially appeared to be a prank by the teenagers is now being looked as a case of "swatting," in which a 911 call is made to fool responders into thinking there is a major emergency, when in fact nothing is going on.

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Officials said they believe the phone call which led to the police presence came from someone out of state that the teens were chatting with online.

Officers say the hoax tied up valuable police resources. The investigation is ongoing.

Tuesday's incident is not the first time area authorities have investigated a swatting call. Last year, authorities responded to the Lake Forest subdivision after receiving a 911 call in what they later called a 'cruel hoax.'

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