Strong storms overnight topple trees and trigger power outages

Strong storms overnight topple trees and trigger power outages

(WAFF) - Happy Monday Friends...Margo Gray here with your morning headlines.

Hopefully the thunder didn't wake you after strong storms moved through the valley overnight. Heavy winds brought down plenty of trees. A bunch fell along Highway 53 - Dan Crutcher Road intersection in Madison County.

We're also staying on top of an officer involved shooting in Huntsville. It happened after a domestic dispute at a home on Bonny Oaks Drive in South Huntsville over the weekend. A man and a woman are both recovering at Huntsville Hospital. Huntsville police say it all started when the woman's ex-boyfriend showed up at the home she shares with her mother. He broke in a back door and fired a shot at her, which missed. She shot back with a shotgun hitting the man. Meanwhile, the woman's mother called 911. The officer that responded heard shots as he approached the home and spotted the woman in the garage holding the shotgun but when she wouldn't put it down, the officer fired shots at her. Police have not yet released the identity of those involved in the shooting. We do know the man suffered life threatening injuries and the woman did not.

Governor Robert Bentley will be in Guntersville today, where he's expected to address the budget crisis that's threatening to shut down more than a dozen state parks. Not many are sold on his tax plan to help pull the state out of it's budget crisis. However, If nothing changes, the state park in Guntersville would shut down in October. Some lawmakers insist this is just a scare tactic to move forward with the tax increases.

A dirt bike accident in Albertville killed a man. It happened on private property near the intersection 431 and Buchanan Road. Police say 20 year old Gene Holland and another rider were driving toward each other when they both swerved in the same direction and hit head on. We haven't gotten update on the other driver's condition.

Runners are all geared up for the Boston Marathon. At 5:00 a.m. Lauren Morrison will introduce us to one from the valley and all the preparations two years after the bombings.

See you at 4:30 a.m. and have a great Monday.