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Listen to the warnings; find a safe place during a tornado

We hear time and time again the best place to go when there's a tornado is underground into a basement. Surprisingly, a lot of us don't listen to the advance warnings to seek safe and sturdy shelter.

The fact of the matter is, tornadoes are a deadly force of nature, and we know all too well the impact they have on communities here in the Valley. According to the National Weather Service preliminary report on tornado fatalities, 57 people were killed by tornadoes so far in 2015. If you think that's a high number, 129 people have actually died from a tornado up to this point in April 2014, and there are 140 fatalities on a three-year average. 

The last place you want to be is inside a mobile home during a tornado. If you live in a mobile home, have a plan to evacuate, to seek shelter or lie flat on the ground while protecting your head and neck. In apartments, get to the lowest floor of your building in the innermost room away from windows. Seek out small crawl spaces such as closets or under stairwells, instead of large open areas.

Basements are your safest place, but you'll need to be prepared for falling objects by wearing a helmet. If you're in your car and there's flying debris, go ahead and stop the vehicle, keep your seat belt on with your head down and covered.  

Again, we can't stress these safety tips enough because a lot of times we only have minutes to get into our safe place. 

Click here to see the NOAA's National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center tornado statistics.

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