Is This Really The Big Debate In The Legislature?

Is This Really The Big Debate In The Legislature?

I'm not kidding. That was the topic of much discussion in Montgomery. What should be the official state dessert - lane cake or pecan pie?

I'm going to be honest. I had to look up what a lane cake is. Now, I can see why there's such a debate (he said, mostly tongue in cheek). This morning, we're investigating (again, tongue in cheek) to check out the pros and cons. That's at 5:38. Then, bring it up at work today and let me know which one wins.

Closer to home, Huntsville Superintendent Dr. Casey Wardynski reaffirmed his commitment to common core. He said Huntsville will stick with it, even if state lawmakers decide to repeal those education standards. See what you think about it. That's our top story at 5:00.

It's not raining this morning, at least not here. That's a good thing, but I'm sure the rain's coming back today. Meteorologist David Ernst is checking on that now. He'll update you every ten minutes. 

Besides that, we have a Star Wars real robot, a rover challenge competition and pot brownies at a district attorney's office. And did I mention lane cake?

Come on. It's Friday. Let's have some fun together and get caught up on your world. Join us for WAFF 48 News Today right now!

-- Jim Abath