Storms Popping Right Now In The Valley

Storms Popping Right Now In The Valley

Where did all that rain came from? It was nice and dry for a change, driving in to work this morning. And then, I got a peek at what Meteorologist David Ernst has on Storm Tracker Doppler Radar. Storms are popping up in the west and heading east. David's tracking them for you right now. Look for his update every ten minutes during WAFF 48 News Today.

In the news, Giles County neighbors are still a little surprised that deputies found Deborah Cosby murdered in her home. Then again, some say there had been a long history of abuse, and now her boyfriend's in jail, charged with her murder. You'll hear more from one neighbor.

Have you seen one of those mini helicopters fly? They look like fun but maybe a little scary. Take note. Don't plan to fly one near the U.S. Capitol building. You'll see why.

And scammers seem to have been energized by springtime. We'll fill you in in what you need to avoid when it comes to phone and foreclosure scams at 5:44.

And, we have a lot more than that for you. Tune in, and check out what we have. We're on your TV right now!

-- Jim Abath